Heritage Oaks Torpedoes


Come swim with the best! Heritage Oaks Torpedoes, one of Cobb Summer Swim League's GOLD teams has a long history of excellence, sportsmanship and technique, believing that swimming is a skill for life. We strive to educate young minds and bodies, giving children an opportunity to learn, experience a healthy approach to living and most importantly, have fun!

Please CHECK HERE FIRST for answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions!

Per CSSL Rules: No alcohol of any kind is permitted at swim meets. If you are caught with an adult beverage of any kind within the confines of the pool or parking lot, Coaches, Lifeguards, Coordinators and other Volunteers WILL report you. The result will be an ending and forfeiture of the meet. There will be a crackdown on this. Don't be THAT person that makes us have to forfeit the meet, no matter how clandestine you think you are. And, under no circumstances should you ever put any one of us, coaches, coordinators, volunteers in THAT position to have to report you. Please don't be that selfish. The kids have worked so hard, its about them. Drink at home and stay at home. 

Enough said? We hope so, because the team will be fined $250 by CSSL. 

How do I sign my child up for events at a meet?

At each practice, there will be a Meet Notebook for team girls and team boys. Each notebook contains sheets separated by meet.  Find the meet you are interested in, find your child’s name (listed alphabetically by age group) and check yes or no for that date.  Event sign-up must be done by the FRIDAY BEFORE THE MEET.

Do I have to attend every practice?

Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice daily. If you are going to miss several days of practice (vacation, camps) please let your coach know in advance.

What if my child doesn’t like it, can I get my money back?

Withdrawals received in writing by May 23rd will receive a refund equal to 75% of the registration cost. Any withdrawals after May 24th  will not receive a refund.


What should I bring to a meet?

2 SHARPIE markers, sunscreen, 1-2 pairs of goggles, swim caps, 2-3 towels, and maybe a chair (for parents!). A concession stand filled with delectable items will be available for all your hunger needs.  All profits earned at home meets go directly to our team and our Coaches. Also, swimmers may want to bring something to occupy themselves in between events, ie cards, gameboys, toys, etc. Please note that at night, even in June, swimmers can get chilly. Make sure that your children have ample “cover-ups” to keep warm between events.

What time should we arrive at the meet?

If you want a good spot plan to arrive early. Warm ups will begin 1 hour/30 minutes (home/away) before the meet is scheduled. Parking is usually tight so be early to park close. PLEASE NOTE: We have a ONE-WAY STREET PARKING PLAN that allows for residents and emergency vehicles, do NOT deviate. 

How do I know what events my child is swimming?

Heat sheets will be emailed the afternoon before the meet. Please make sure your child knows what event, heat, lane and stroke they are swimming for each event. Most kids utilize the "Event - Heat - Lane Grid" written on their arm or leg with Sharpie. Please ask an experienced parent if you need help with this.

What if I can’t do my volunteer time?

Please let the volunteer coordinator know ASAP if you cannot meet your obligations.  We have a meet to run and cannot do it without the volunteers.


Why is my child never on a relay?

Relays are assigned using the most objective way possible, by their times. The computer "finds the best relay" and we follow it. Every week, a swimmer has the opportunity to improve their times and make them eligible. This is not designed to hurt anyone's feelings, but rather to give every swimmer a goal to strive for.

Why does my child only have two events?

The coaches will assign events according to times, heat regulations and to a swimmer's personal abilities keeping in mind the flow of the meet. This is not to say that they will not occasionally be challenged. If there is an event that you particularly want to try, talk to your coaches.

How long does a meet usually last?

Swim meets begin at 6pm. CSSL rules state that the meet MUST end by 11pm, but in general, they end between 9:30 and 10:30. This is all dependent on the speed with which we get through heats, the number of heats, etc. Bigger teams = more swimmers = more heats, but generally the official can keep it moving. Please plan accordingly. 

Warm ups begin at 5pm with the home team from 5-5:30 and the visiting team from 5:30-6. It is IMPERATIVE that the swimmer is there for warmup and that he/she CHECKS IN with the Coaches and at the Volunteer table. RELAYS are an extremely important part of the scoring of the meet and without a full relay team, we forfeit points. Please do not let down your teammates. 

What happens if it rains? 

In the event of inclement weather during a meet, please DO NOT LEAVE. The referee may ask us to clear the pool deck, but please go only as far as your car in that situation. We must get at least halfway through the meet (around event 43 or 44) for the meet to count and not be required to redo. The referee will meet with coordinators of both teams to make the decision.